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Welcome to my media center!  When you have some ‘time to spare’ please sit down and relax for a little bit.  Simply enjoying scenes from Nature can change one’s whole attitude!  Enjoy the Colors,  ‘smell the roses’  (guess you’ll have to use your imagination for that!), plan a trip and take your own beautiful pictures and share YOUR memories.  

Thanks for coming… and come anytime!


How do we see in color?
Stephanie Pappas plus Editor’s Recommendations:
-How 8 Colors Got Their Symbolic Meanings
– Red-Green and Blue-Yellow: The stunning Colors You Can’t See
– Why Do We See in 3D?

Fractured Light

Study of light and color

Eye Anatomy: Parts of the Eye by Liz Segre

The Retina: Where Vision Begins
Gary Heiting, OD