Like many photographers, this is my second career and how I am enjoying it !  At the age of 10 my father put his 35 mm Kodak camera (which I still have !) in my hands and with a few general rules sent me out to explore my world.  Ever after I have been intrigued with the colors surrounding me and have become passionate about recording the world I live in.

I have been fortunate to have been published and have won several awards in international photographic competitions while living in WA state.  I have also authored several books and you may preview them on this web site on the   ‘Books”  Section of the Menu. 

In the last year or so I have moved my photography in a different direction. Gone, is the indoor studio and I have moved more and more into the  “outdoor studio” the world offers.  I now have great enjoyment in searching out color and beauty anywhere I might find it, with no limits.Today, there is too much sorrow and sadness in our world and nature at times runs away,  hiding behind dark clouds of destruction.

I want to focus on what beauty and color I can still find shining brightly in patches of utter radiance and share them with others in hopes of spreading a little joy and happiness !  They are truly gifts from above.   Go in search of them yourself – they are out there!

Welcome to our world and how I see it !!